Free CME for Flu/Pan-Flu Lectures

The Georgia Department of Community Health is pleased to offer a six-part web-based lecture series on influenza and pandemic influenza to all Georgia primary care physicians. This series was conceived by the Division of Emergency Preparedness and Response. The purpose is to provide Georgia physicians with the most up-to-date information on influenza-related topics to better serve your patients and your community. This series was inspired by the recent influenza pandemic with an eye toward helping the medical community to be better prepared for future pandemics.

The primary faculty members for the series are ED physicians who have a broad background in influenza related topics:

  • Dr. James Wilde MD of the Georgia Health Sciences University

  • Dr. Alexander Isakov MD of Emory University

  • Both serve on the State Pandemic Flu Committee

Each of the six lectures in the series is approximately one hour in duration. The lectures topics include:

  • Lecture 1: Critical Issues in Pandemic Flu

    • History of pandemics

    • Potential impact of a severe influenza pandemic today

    • Critical issues to be addressed

  • Lecture 2: Novel A(H1N1) 2009 Pandemic Overview

    • Epidemiology of 2009 A(H1N1)

    • Who was most affected

    • Morbidity/mortality

    • Synthesis of key scientific literature

  • Lecture 3: Influenza Vaccines

    • Theory behind vaccines

    • Vaccine effectiveness in various age/risk groups

    • Controversies in flu vaccination

  • Lecture 4: The Use of Antiviral Medications for Influenza

    • Mechanism of action

    • Effectiveness

    • Diagnosis and indications for use

  • Lecture 5: Lessons Learned From the Recent Influenza Pandemic

    • Suggestions for improving medical response

    • Rationing of resources

    • Logistical nightmares in a severe pandemic

  • Lecture 6: Triage Protocols for Influenza

    • Developed by Georgia physicians

    • Designed for rapid triage in remote settings

    • Adult and pediatric specific

Physician participants may earn one hour of CME/AAFP credit for each lecture.

  • Awarded through the Georgia Health Sciences University Division of Continuing Education

  • No fee for the CME/AAFP credits

  • Short survey and quiz at the end of each lecture

For more information and to access the series, please click here

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