The Augusta area is not currently in the Influenza Season. Flu activity is generally minimal in the Northern Hemisphere during the summer months. We will begin posting updates for the 2019-2020 season starting in November 2019.

This graph from the Georgia Division of Public Health,updated March 30, 2012,  shows visits for influenza-like illness in our state through March 23. There is generally a one week lage between data collection and availability to the public.

There has been little to no impact from influenza so far in the 2011-2012 flu season. Most of the activity reported thus far in the US has been sporadic at best; many states report no flu activity at all. Two states report local activity, and no state has reported regional or widespread activity. The flu season has not yet arrived for most of the United States. We can expect significant flu activity to begin in January or February.

There have been no deaths due to flu reported in Georgia in the past two weeks, and only 10 deaths since the season began on December 1. Three of the deaths have been in children over age 4, and 7 in adults. No deaths due to flu in children under age four have been reported so far this year.