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Mission: To provide health care professionals and the general public with an authoritative, convenient, locally relevant web site to disseminate information about health care emergencies.

Sponsors: This site was created and is maintained through a collaboration between the East Central Health District offices of the state Health Department and the Medical College of Georgia, which serves as the Regional Coordinating Hospital for Region G. All 14 member hospitals of Region G contributed to the design of G-LINE and provide content on an ongoing basis.

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James A. Wilde MD, FAAP
Professor of Emergency Medicine
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Attending Physician, Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Director, Medical Student Research Elective, Dept of EM
Medical Director, Georgia United Against Antibiotic Resistant Disease (GUARD)
Department of Emergency Medicine
Georgia Health Sciences University
Augusta, GA 30912

(706) 533-2925
Fax 706-721-7718

Jonathan D. Adriano, MPH
Deputy Director Emergency Preparedness Planning & Public Health Communications

East Central Health District
1916 North Leg Rd.
Augusta, GA 30909

 J. Peter Rissing MD

Professor of Internal Medicine
Chief, Section of Infectious Diseases
Hospital Epidemiologist
Georgia Health Sciences University, Augusta

Emmit Larry Walker

Public Information Officer
East Central Health District
1916 North Leg Rd.
Augusta, GA 30909
(706) 729-2190 office

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cdc situation overview

Each week CDC analyzes information about influenza disease activity in the United States and publishes findings of key flu indicators in graphical form in a report called FluView. See the latest update by clicking here.

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